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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey, and it is not over yet!

We have enjoyed the adventure, every step of the way. Nobody warned us about all the trials and tribulations we would come face to face with but we conquered them and we were now ready to take on a new direction with our business.

We opened an indoor bounce facility in Forney, Texas on October 2nd, 2016. After careful selection of location and finding the perfect building, the final touches were made to our newest endeavor.

With 6,000 sqft of air conditioned bounce house and arcade game fun, we were sure to please the toughest of crowds.

We like to talk to our customers, we like to find out where people traveled from to visit us and how they heard about us. Our Forney location seemed to be attracting customers from near and far so we decided to expand to Mesquite, Texas in 2018. .Back in 2008 my daughter was invited to a party where there were

inflatables. I had never seen one before. As my child was having the time

of her life, I thought to myself, I COULD DO THIS! My husband was not as


Two years passed and I finally decided to purchase our first bounce house for rentals. We both worked full time jobs at the time so saving our rental income was easy. We kept buying more, more and more. We now offer a huge array of bouncers, slides, waterslides, tables and chairs, concession machines and inflatable movie screens.

Unfortunately, in 2022 we closed our FORNEY location to make room for new adventures. Mesquite is still going strong and read on to see how we are still growing...

Our Newest Dream

As they say, as one chapter ends, a new one begins. We are very sad to say goodbye to parts of our business BUT, we are adding on some things too!

As of January 2023, we have added a food truck called THE MOVING MENU to our portfolio. The Mesquite indoor is now offering food. Check out our Menu now!

1,000's of Happy Customers

What keeps us growing and expanding is our loyal customers. Through the years we have set up many birthday parties and have done little to no advertisement because of our happy customers referring us to their family and friends. I have a very strong customer service background and I believe the way I treat you should be the way I would want to be treated. Whether you want us to come set up a bounce house or waterslide at your house or you choose to come to our indoor family entertainment facility for a party or just to burn off steam, I know Aim High Bounce will make you and your family smile!

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                 Mesquite, Texas, Location

1210 W. Scyene Road, Suite B

Mesquite, Texas 75149

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Aim High Indoor Bounce of Mesquite

Why Us?

With so many options of places to have a birthday party or places to rent from, we have to set ourselves above the rest somehow! This is how we do it!!!

We work for you. We look forward to your call, we try to remember every customer and have a huge selection so you can get it all done with one phone call.

We have been around since 2010, so we know what we are doing.

We carry insurance, unlike a lot of the start up companies.

This is all we do, so you can call us anytime, any day!

We keep expanding and updating every year.

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Our indoor family entertainment facilities feature 6 - 8 bounce houses at any given time and also have arcade games to entertain the older kids and adults.

Our Specialty is birthday parties but its always fun to stop in randomly to burn some energy